Become a Laundrybag Ambassador

Get Paid to Share Laundrybag

Be an Ambassador


Earn in Your Free Time

Ambassadors are key players at Laundrybag. You’re in charge of growing Laundrybag in your location with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. When you do spend time referring, we’ll thank you in cash.


Take Home Extra Bonuses

Earn cash reward per user referral when the user places their first order. We also celebrate milestones with cash bonuses, marketing materials, and Laundrybag swag. The sky’s the limit — you can earn as much as you’d like.


Get Marketing Experience

You’ll work closely with Laundrybag HQ to develop and own a local brand marketing strategy, gaining real-world marketing experience along the way. Even better? You can get exclusive access to represent Laundrybag at events in major cities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements? 

Must have or be willing to set up a Laundrybag account. Download the app on your Android device or visit

Must be a Laundrybag fan and believe in our mission

Must be 18+

Must maintain a valid bank account

What will I be doing as an ambassador? 

Be the voice and representative of Laundrybag in your location

Refer as many people as your can to use Laundrybag. The more your refer, the more you earn

Execute marketing campaigns to spread the word about Laundrybag on campus, in your neighborhood, or work place within your location

Identify and create partnership opportunities on campus (tech life, student orgs, social groups etc.) and around your location (bars, restaurants, etc.)

Provide feedback to our marketing team and help develop the Ambassador logbook!

Where can I apply? 

You can apply online here

How do I Refer people?

Referral is done using your referral code. Your referral code can be found in your profile section on the app or via the web portal.

Your referral will be required to apply your referral code on their first laundry order. So make sure to remind them do so or you wouldn’t get paid!

What is the compensation? 

You earn as much as N3000 per user referral.

Opportunities to work at events.

Periodic access to exclusive laundry discounts.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Hands On marketing experience to add to your portfolio

Access to exclusive deals/discounts

Opportunities to improve your social status

We promote your as an Ambassador

VIP treatment at Laundrybag HQ

Awesome milestone cash rewards