7 Functional Apps You Need To Get Through Life In Lagos

In today’s fast-paced, concrete wilderness, we’re all growing more and more glued to our devices – heavily dependent on them to distract us from work and, occasionally, use them to become more proficient.

So here’s our round-up of *THE* iOS/Android apps we think you’d need to deal with Lagos.

1. Twitter

Some don’t get it, many steer clear – but, like it or not, this network is usually the very first platform for all news, a journalist’s first point of contact for breaking stories.

It’s also the most efficient of social media apps to monitor what’s trending in Lagos from celebrities to traffic and gossip (via Moments). Tweet, tweet.

2. Spotify

“Music for Everyone”. This streaming service isn’t half bad at all, it gives you access to 99%* of your favourite music for £9.99 a month (free option is available but with adverts in between every 3-4 songs). With a very wide range of genre, there isn’t a song not on Spotify.

In the full service, you can even listen to your favourite albums without any internet connection. Sound.

3. Uber

Needing no introductions, Uber has changed the way 545 cities worldwide order taxis. Beating the conventional, over-the-phone methods in both time and pricing. Ubercool.


4. Laundrybag

Free up lost hours every weekend (according to experts) and never worry about your laundry or dry cleaning ever again.

Laundrybag will collect your laundry and dry cleaning at your chosen time slot; wash, fold, iron, dry clean, and deliver back to you in 48 hours. All at competitive prices.

5. Whatsapp

We’ve got family and friends we need to keep in touch with. Whatsapp has over a billion users and I bet you, your neighbor is on whatsapp.

If you haven’t got whatsapp, you probably are living under a rock.







6. GTBank Mobile App

The only banking app that made the list. GT Bank’s mobile app has got a lot of nifty functional features to improve your daily lifestyle. From basic banking activities to bill payments and much more.


7. Google Maps

One of my favourite apps! Google maps is a life-saver for getting around Lagos. From it’s very cool map rich with details from street names, blocks, stations and other monumental locations to traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation and most recently its car park feature.

You’ve just got to have this app installed.

There are a lot more services out there but aren’t listed. We’ve got Nairaland, Olx.com.ng / Jiji.ng, and Quickteller to mention a few. Sorry guys, you could have made the list but your apps aren’t {wow} enough.